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Join my journey in becoming "Little Riddick" as I provide a daily review of my body development progress and challenges.....


Join my journey in my 2nd mission as I provide a daily review of how I will achieve six pack of beer abs, increase overall muscle(upper and lower body) and to reach 9% body fat .


Join my journey in my 3rd mission as I provide a daily review of how I will achieve a leaner figure and reach 5% total body fat in 2 months time(before heading to a Caribbean beach @ the end of March).


Join my journey in my 4th and last mission as I provide a daily review of how I will try to get ripped as much as possible till my last daily post on June 15th, 2010 (1 Full Year since I started (b)logging my workouts).


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reaching Riddick - Last Daily Post - End of the Road.

1 FULL YEAR from the day I time flies. So, looking back at my 4 journeys, nothing came easy, but of what I see from my results(thus far), the continuous hard work, determination, persistence and patience has paid off in the end.

Putting aside modesty, it feels damn good to (finally) reach my goal and I am still in disbelief that it's only been a year!! Hehehe... But let's rewind back to day 1..... I was 25% fat, at a whopping 193 lbs, not much muscle, clothes shopping was considered a chore and I was hairy like a bear/sasquatch. ;) Ya, prior to my decision to change, I was careless with my health and did not care much about my physique(hence why I hit ground 0 - fearing that I would reach 200 lbs). The choice to change my current image is something that I will never, ever forget and can see myself using this path of success for other things going forward in my life.

Three months after reaching ground 0 and 'actioning' on my plans to lose the weight, I had reached a milestone I never thought in my wildest dreams of reaching. At this point I had lost 25 pounds and reached 14% fat. I could have stopped at this point, but this drove my motivation to reach even higher altitudes.

I then created another goal to reach 9% fat and to show some abs in another 3 months time. With so much momentum from the 3 months prior, there was no way this train was gonna stop! =) And there I was, mission accomplished, showing (somewhat) abs for the 1st time in my life. Again, very surreal.

The 3rd journey was to get even more leaner and to reach 5% fat. Three months later, I was on the beach of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic partying it up for reaching 5.9% fat and looking even more leaner.

Which now bring me to the final and 4th journey (2.5 months) of first sustaining for the 1st month, then later decided to change my goal to leaning up in the final weeks. So, I now sit at 164 lbs, and 5.83% fat. Looking at the numbers in comparison to journey 3 it's not much, but can see a slight difference.

Week 48 & Final Stat Results
So with numbers aside, I'm quite proud of what I accomplished in this journey and can see myself getting even more leaner by the end of the summer. As you can probably gather, my lifestyle has taken a serious overhaul to include healthier eating choices and becoming more active in my days.  So the days going forward could only be easier as my old bad habits have evolved to healthier habits and I'm loving it. =)

Journey 4 Complete - Final Journey - 1 Year from Ground 0 
Pic 1

Journey 4 Complete - Final Journey - 1 Year from Ground 0 
Pic 2 - Front Flex

Journey 4 Complete - Final Journey - 1 Year from Ground 0 
Pic 3 - Back Flex

Journey 4 Complete - Final Journey - 1 Year from Ground 0 
Pic 4 - Back Flex
Journey 4 Complete - Final Journey - 1 Year from Ground 0 
Pic 5

Journey 4 Complete - Final Journey - 1 Year from Ground 0 
Pic 6

So where do I go from here? I continue to run from bounty hunters, escape captivity from any situation possible, kill any obstacle that get's in my path and save the universe.

Naahh..just kiddin.. =)..I live the same enjoyable healthy lifestyle as last summer, fall, winter and spring again. This time, I just won't be documenting my workouts 'every day', which in perspective can see it being a challenge. The whole blogging thing and keeping track is what really motivated me to work hard each day and would recommend anyone else who is starting up their own 'little journey', to do the same. It doesn't have to be created for the whole world to see (like what I have done here), but there are a lot of private online forums that offer and encourage workout blogs/progress updates or better yet you can always use your Blackberry, iPhone, or can go 'old school' and just use a notepad. Again, I highly recommend it.

Each day I looked forward to providing an update of what I did the previous day, while at the same time looking forward to what I was going to do that day. Plus, every-time I figured something out related to weight training or if there was a challenge, I would post it - hoping that if someone does read it, they will learn from my mistakes instead of making their own.

So from this day forward, the daily postings will unfortunately cease as the Road to Riddick has finally come to an end. But this won't stop me from placing a post every once an a while. To ensure I stay fit as well as educate others of how to battle the bulge or make some muscle gains, I will occasionally place in a post if either I learned something new(a tip) in regards to healthy living, a brief update of my progress of sustaining of what I have, or heck if I have a rant, I'll place it in here too...Hey, it's my playground right? My rules!! =) Muahahaahaa!!. ;-)

If anyone is interested in one-on-one weight training either via email, text or facebook, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to assist. It's the very least  I can do to pay back for all the positive and uplifting comments received from all of you on this blog as well as other websites. And this is my way of giving back.

Good Luck to you all and I thank all my fans who stuck with me during my journey through your words of encouragement providing me the will and strength to go even further. Thanks again! =)

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Brin said...

Many congratulations on maintaining the mental stamina to complete your journey. Stumbling upon your blog was the reason I decided to also blog my mission and it's really helping me to keep on track, so thanks a lot for the inspiration.

Little Riddick said...

Thanks my friend. Happy to see that you are on your own journey and keeping track...Soo important...Good Luck and let me know how you do...If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact me.


Anonymous said...

Hello and well done!
Do you still post online?
I have been reading your blog as I am doing the first 90 day program, but Adam Water's website seems to be out and I'm wondering how to continue the body transformation after that as I cannot find the modules you have done anywhere.
Can you please make it available so I can do both programs?


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